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About us




St. Paul UMC is a small country church that came about by the merger of multiple other churches.  With many families having multiple generations of members, it's hard not to feel like you're coming home when you visit.  In 2022, the church celebrated their 150th anniversary.

Core Beliefs

Here at St. Paul UMC family, stewardship, and discipleship are our core values.  We strive to serve our local community as well as the far reaches of the earth!  We are continually changing and adapting to incorprate family friendly worship services and activities that are open to our whole community.  We also believe that discipleship is an extremely important part of our walk with Christ.  We are developing small group Bible studies and other opportunities that encourage our congregation to dig deeper into the Bible.

Sunday Morning Worship

15 minutes prior to the beginning of worship the Praise Team gathers and welcomes worshipers as they come in and take their seats. The service begins with announcements for the upcoming week and then we prepare our hearts to worship God with a song. Worship at St. Paul UMC is steeped in a rich theological heritage. Through these songs, all kinds of theological topics are covered over the course of the year. We lift prayer to God, time is spent with the youngest in the congregation and of course there is the reading of holy scripture from the Bible. The pastor relates the scripture to our daily spiritual walk and ends with an encouraging word to carry us through the week. The love of God is evident each time we gather in God's presence and share in Christian fellowship.


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